EagleCals #77-32 Fw 190 A-8s


EagleCals #77 Fw 190 A-8s JG 300 and JG 301 in 32nd scale

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EagleCals #77 Fw 190 A-8s JG 300 and JG 301 in 32nd scale

 “Blue 13”  Major Walter Dahl
“Red 19” Uffz. Ernst Schröder
“White 6” Lt. Gustl Salffner
“Yellow 17”  I./JG 301

To enhance the Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190 A-8, we suggest adding the series of EagleParts resins designed specifically for this kit. Aftermarket items available include, main wheels and tires with the correct tread (EP 48-32), corrected gun cowl (EP 49-32) and corrected propeller blades with accurately shaped spinner. Choose from three propeller styles, EP 45-32, the common 9-12067A metal propeller that is included with the kit but not quite accurate; EP 46-32, 9-12153A with external weights; or EP 47-32, 9-12176A larger wooden paddle blade propeller. Each set of propeller blades comes with a spinner. Listed in each of the instructions are the proper propellers required for each aircraft.


Walter Dahl’s former Sturmbock “Blue 13”

This was one of several “Blue 13s” that Dahl flew while he was Kommodore of a combined anti-bomber unit consisting of JG 300 and IV./JG 3. This particular “Blue 13” was originally a Sturmbock aircraft that had been equipped with the 5 mm bolt-on fuselage armor plate plus the Scheuklappen armored glass panel attached to the canopy. He had this heavy extra armor removed in order to achieve better maneuverability and a higher rate of speed. The holes left by the removal of the fuselage armor were filled with putty, some of them were overpainted with Red Oxide primer. The chipped paint off the canopy shows evidence of the wear caused by the Scheuklappen . The large emblem on the cowling is evident in photos taken when a German newsreel camera crew filmed Walter Dahl in this “Blue 13”. It is possible this emblem was applied only for this filming. In these photos it is difficult to determine if there was a Blue background behind the B-17 in the crosshairs on the nose art. There is evidence of some mottling in this circle; however, Walter Loos who also flew this aircraft as a member of the Stab of JG 300, recalls in an interview in 1992 that this aircraft with the emblem did have a blue background to the nose art. It is unclear whether the emblem is on the starboard side as well. At the time of the filming, the paint was worn and chipped including overpainting around the “Blue 13” and Balkenkreuz.

Close up view show the holes left from the removable of the armor plate, puttied and painted with Red Oxide primer.

Rear view of “Blue 13” shows the upper wing cannon bulges installed, although not all A-8s were equipped with this feature. The JG 300 Home Defense band was a dark Red. 

Ernst Schröder’s “Red 19” Kölle alaaf!

 This famous and colorful Fw 190 A-8 was flown by Ernst Schröder of 5./JG 300 from August through November of 1944. Schröder was a pilot in Sturmgruppe JG 300 that was designated as a bomber interceptor and assault fighter unit. This particular aircraft, which was W. Nr. 172733 was unusual in that it was not fitted with the Sturmbock equipment like the other Fw 190s in this unit. It had no additional fuselage or canopy armor and had the standard four 20 mm cannons mounted in the wing plus the fuselage mounted MG 131 13 mm machine guns. As a result, this aircraft was lighter and more maneuverable than the heavier Sturmbock equipped aircraft. One feature that Schröder was not happy with, was that the standard canopy was not equipped with the pulley system. The antenna wire was simply attached to the top of the canopy. As a result, when the canopy was open, there was slack in the antenna wire. With any kind of breeze, the wire would slap against the metal portion of the canopy and fuselage which irritated Schröder. In its original form, “Red 19” had the II. Gruppe bar on the rear fuselage and Schroder’s girlfriend’s name Edelgard on the right side of the fuselage. On the left side of the fuselage was the slogan Kölle alaaf which is a dialect greeting meaning “long live the people and city of Köln”, and also a well-known carnival slogan. Through the life of “Red 19” this slogan was slightly altered several times. In late November 1944, “Red 19” received a fresh coat of paint and additional streaky camouflage was added to the sides of the fuselage. In addition, the National Markings were repainted and a new style name Edelgard was added to the starboard side of the fuselage. Since no photo of the port side with this new camouflage is known, it is not clear what if anything was changed to the Kölle alaaf slogan. At this time, also, the dark rust red JG 300 band was added to the rear fuselage.

One view shows the complete aircraft from the port side in its final camouflage and markings. A day or two after it received its new paint, it was shot down and severely damaged. To properly reproduce this aircraft in this version, there would be very little or no weathering or paint fading. Note the difference between the standard RLM 23 Red number ’19’ and the dark Red JG 300 defense band.


Close up of the starboard side shows the new camouflage with streaks of RLM 74 and 75. The fresh Balkenkreuz and the new style and location for Schröder’s girlfriend’s name, Edelgard. Note the pulley system has been removed from this canopy and the antenna wire is simply attached to the top of the canopy.

Close up of the port side shows the slogan in its final form trimmed in Black. Note the Red ‘9’ is tilted slightly at the top away from the panel line. On EC #77 we offer an alternate markings and camouflage pattern for this aircraft in its earlier form.

“White 6” Lt. Gustl Salffner 7./JG 300

This Fw 190 A-8 “White 6” was the personal aircraft of Staffelkapitän Lt. Gustl Salffner of 7./JG 300, March 1945. This colorful A-8 bears the pilot’s family coat of arms on both sides of the engine cowling which is a rearing white unicorn. The JG 300 Blue/White/Blue home defense bands, which previously had been dark Red, were applied after December 1944. Since this was a locally applied color these Blue/White/Blue bands vary in value from mid-blue to a light blue.Port side of “White 6” with ETC 501 rack set up for E2 light steel drop tank that is painted black for night fighter use.This late A-8 was equipped with the blown canopy which I liberated from the 1/32nd D-9 kit as I had used the flat canopy on my D-9 build and had this one left over. If the canopy is displayed in the open position, the antenna wire would be slack. On the Starboard view of “White 6”, note the family crest emblem is applied on both sides of engine cowling.




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