EagleCals #76-32 Fw 190 A-8s


EagleCals #76 Fw 190 A-8s in 32nd scale

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EagleCals #76 Fw 190 A-8s in 32nd scale

“Red 1”  Lt. Hans Dortenmann
“Yellow 8”  I./JG 301
“Red 11” Uffz. Dieter Göthel
“Red 11”  IV./JG 54


In order enhance the Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190 A-8, we suggest adding the series of EagleParts resins designed specifically for this kit. Aftermarket items available include, main wheels and tires with the correct tread (EP 48-32), corrected gun cowl (EP 49-32) and corrected propeller blades with accurately shaped spinner. Choose from three propeller styles, EP 45-32, the common 9-12067A metal propeller that is included with the kit but not quite accurate; EP 46-32, 9-12153A with external weights; or EP 47-32, 9-12176A larger wooden paddle blade propeller. Each set of propeller blades comes with a spinner. Listed in each of the instructions are the proper propellers for each aircraft.

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