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EagleCals #165 Fw 190 Fs


Available in three scales, 72,48,32. Be sure to indicate scale when ordering.

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The Fw 190 F was a dedicated ground attack version of the Fw 190 A. The most noticeable difference between the 190 F-8 and F-9 is the enlarged cowl ring fitted to the latter. It has also been believed that the 190 F-9 was fitted with a 14 blade cooling fan. However, new evidence reveals that this enlarged fan caused a significant performance reduction. Therefore, the earlier 12 blade could have been maintained for better performance. This variant is available in all three scales, the latest from Revell in 1/32nd scale.

EagleParts recommended: EP#21-48 or EP#21-32 Drop tank; EP#45-32 or EP#46-32 or EP#47-32 as indicated in text; EP#48-32 Main tire and wheel; EP#49-32 Gun Cowl; EP#50-32 Conversion set for BMW 801 TU engine; EP#51-32 Cockpit; and EP#52-32 Tail Wheel.

Markings included:

“Black 5” W.Nr. Unknown Luftflotte 4 April 1945 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Fw 190 F-8. Pilot: Unknown.

“Black 2” Werknummer Unknown Luftflotte 4 Fw 190 F-9. Pilot: Unknown.

“Green 3” W.Nr. 588717 St.II/SG 2 1945 Milovice, Czechoslovakia Arado built Fw 190 F-8. Pilot: Unknown.

“Red 2” Werknummer Unknown Luftflotte 4 Fw 190 F-8. Pilot: Unknown.

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