Wings of the Black Cross #5


by Mark Proulx

Illustrated by Terry Higgins

ISBN 978-0-9794035-3-8 (0-9794035-3-7)

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Each book measures 8.5″ X 11″ and contains 36 pages of Black and White photos, some in color plus 8 full color profiles by Terry Higgins based on some of the images in the book. 


Featured aircraft in many rare, unpublished photos, crash sites and various other scenes both during and post WWII.

Includes rare photos of Nightfighter ace Gruppenkommandeur Martin Drewes by his Bf 110 G-4, including victory markings photo.

Bf 109 Fs and Gs, Fw 190 A-1, A-4s, A-5s, A-9s and A-8s including one found by Canadian troops in Belgium, booby-trapped, hiding explosives under the nose.

Fw 190 S-5 and S-8.

Me 262s, Bf 110s, sharkmouth markings of II./ZG 76 applied to Bf 110.

Me 410, Ju 88s, Ju 188, He 111, Bücker Bu 181, Ju 8, He 177s, Siebel 204 and a Fw 200 that was the personal transport aircraft of Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz.



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