Continuing the Wings of the Black Cross series with WOTBC #15

Researched and written by Mark Proulx; 8 full color profiles by profile artist James Bentley.

8.5 X 11, $24.95, laminated cover, glossy paper

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Announcing the release on March 1st, 2024 of the latest installment of the acclaimed Wings of the Black Cross series. Number Fifteen is once again authored by Mark Proulx and is illustrated with color profiles by James Bentley.

The cornerstone of this series continues to be the “deeper dive” into the fighter aircraft of the Jagdwaffe. These aircraft, flown by accomplished fighter pilots, saw operational service in World War 2 on all fronts. Consequently, the book relies heavily on a photographic analysis of the Bf 109 and Fw 190, and many of their variations.

James Bentley continues to provide his detailed color interpretations of the aircraft flown by such notable wartime personalities as:

  • Adolf Galland, Stab./JG 26
  • Werner Machold, 7./JG 2
  • Hans “Fips” Philipp, I./JG 54
  • Hans-Ekkehard Bob, 9./JG 54

However, it is important to note that the Luftwaffe also operated other aircraft types in the air campaign. Bombers and dive bombers are also given due consideration. Additional photo coverage is included for:

  • Bf 110
  • Ju 87
  • Ju 88, Ju 188, and Ju 388
  • He 111
  • He 177
  • Hs 123

Spanning 36 pages, the book consists of 65 photos, almost all in period B&W, supplemented with 8 full color profiles. The original photos are drawn from the author’s private collection, sourced through decades of collecting. Associated captions are used to identify pertinent details of each photo. Usually this involves color discussions and a broader historical narrative of what is depicted. Wherever possible, unpublished photos are used, and most are seen here in print for the first time. A few select contributors have also graciously supplied photos from their private collections.

Additional installments for this series are planned for future releases.

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