JG 300 Vol. 2 Chronicle of a Fighter Geschwader LE


by Jean Yves Lorant and Richard Goyat; illustrated by Richard Goyat and Thomas Tullis.
Volume Two 376 pages. Deluxe Leather Bound Limited edition signed by Günther Rall, ISBN 0-9761034-3-5 $175.00

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Deluxe Leather Bound Limited edition signed by Günther Rall, ISBN 0-9761034-3-5  $175.00

The Wilde Sau Geschwader JG 300 played a key role in the aerial defense of the Reich during the last two years of WWII but has never before been the subject of a serious and detailed study until now. This work thus fills a major void in the history of the war in the air. This chronicle has been assembled with the participation of more than 130 veterans and their families, traced and interviewed in the course of more than twenty years research. It sheds new light on flying operations and aerial combat as experienced by German fighter pilots in the battles that took place over Germany. Interspersed with numerous vivid personal accounts, it is a work that has a uniquely human and personal dimension.

The authors have undertaken an in-depth comparative study of German, British and American primary sources and archival records, with the chief aim of minimizing errors and inaccuracies and ruling out dubious information. Far from seeking the ‘glorify’ German or Allied aviators, they have reconstructed as accurately as possible the fates of the actors in this immense human drama and pay them due tribute. This history of JG 300 also deals with those aspects of the air war often neglected in the specialist literature such as the daily routines of the ground personnel and the navigation methods practiced by single seat fighters. Included are comprehensive loss and victory listings, and more than 800 photographs in the two volumes collected from private sources. Over 40 color profiles and paintings by Thomas A. Tullis and Richard Goyat. Volume one is no longer available.

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