EagleCals #184 Bf 109 G-2/4s 72nd scale


EagleCals #184 Bf 109 G-2/4s in 72nd scale

Also available in 48th and 32nd scales

Just in time for the new Revell Bf 109 kit

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EagleCals #184-72 Bf 109 G-2s 

“Double Chevron” Bf 109 G-2 Major Trautloft Kommodore JG 54, possibly Siwerskaja, Russia Aug. 1942

“Blue 1” Staffelkapitän Lt. Georg-Peter Eder 12./JG 2 Beaumone-Le-Roger, France March 1943

“Black 8” Ofw. Jakob Norz 8./JG 5 Petsamo, Finland (Russia), winter 1943-44


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