EagleCals #169 Mosquito FB.Mk.VI


EagleCals #169 Mosquito FB.Mk. VI

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The Mosquito FB Mk. VI was the natural evolution of the early bomber version adapted with an additional fighter capability.

EC 169 includes two sets of codes for MM403. One set is the half codes of “SB” for the post invasion Mosquito. The other set includes “SB” in its entirety. This for those who want to trim that two letter combination themselves or those wishing to apply the letters and then spray thinly applied invasion stripes. So, to build an Amiens prison raid aircraft the complete markings are supplied. Simply leave off the stripes, as the raid preceded D-day in June 1944. Then add SB-V for the January 1944 raid, for which complete codes included.

Available in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scales.

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                            UX-P           HR551                  82 Sqn              Summer 1945

                            SM-W         HP913                  305 Sqn              Nov 1944

 Janka Kituś       SM-C         NS927                  305 Sqn              Fall 1944

                             SB-V          MM403                 464 Sqn             Sept 1944

Also of interest is Brett Green’s book from ADH publishing “How to build Tamiya’s 1:32 Mosquito FB Mk VI” available from Eagle Editions


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