EC#148-32 P-61 Black Widows


EC#148-32 P-61 Black Widows

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EagleCals #148 P-61A Black Widows

With the release of the 1/32nd scale Hobby Boss Black Widow and some additional research it is apparent that the kit is much closer to a P-61A than a P-61B as boxed. By trimming a small portion of the forward fuselage off, an easy conversion for the modeler, a fairly accurate P-61A can result. Consequently, we have scaled up our earlier P-61A markings in 1/72nd and 1/48th scales to 1/32nd scale for this exciting new release from Hobby Boss.

In March 1944 the men of the 422nd NFS departed Florida destined for England.  On 23 May 1944 the first P-61 arrived at their base at Scorton. After a period of training in their new nightfighter, the 422nd NFS became operational shortly after D-Day. By the end of hostilities, just under one year later, the 422nd NFS had claimed 43 aircraft and 5 V-1s as destroyed. This decal sheet identifies three of their aircraft.

“Borrowed Time”         P-61A-5-NO               42-5547

“Double Trouble”         P-61A-10-NO              42-5565

“Lady Gen”                   P-61A-5-NO              42-5544

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