EagleParts #58-32 – Fw 190 “Cigar Shaped” drop tank


Fw 190 “Cigar Shaped” drop tank for the Dora 9

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EagleParts #58-32 – Fw 190 “Cigar Shaped” drop tank
Included in this kit: two piece tank, decals, proper D-9 ETC rack.

Designed for the late war Fw 190 D-9. This kit comes in two resins pieces, the main body and the tail which  replicates the cone variation that can be ground off to make the flat tail style drop tank. This tank was scaled from an original tank with the correct connection points. In addition a correct ETC 504 rack is included in order to correctly attach the tank to the fuselage. Kit comes with complete stenciling decals.

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