EagleParts #43-32 Fw 190 D-9 Radiator Cowling


1/32nd scale Fw 190 D-9 Radiator Cowling

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EagleParts #43-32 Focke-Wulf 190 D-9 Radiator Cowling
Included in this kit:  1 piece
One of the distinctive features of the Dora 9 that helped create the long, elegant nose is the airfoil shape of the radiator cowling. Unfortunately the beautiful Hasegawa 1/32nd kit doesn’t quite capture this shape correctly. It is slightly flattened in profile. EagleParts #43-32 captures the correct, fuller airfoil shape that helps to complete the overall personality of this distinctive cowling. This part was designed using a tracing from an original Dora cowling. To complete this elegant cowling shape of the Dora aircraft we strongly suggest correcting the kit using the 5 piece gun cowling, EagleParts #41-32 or the 3 piece gun cowling EagleParts #42-32, depending on your reference source.


Here is Jerry’s weekend build utilizing our newest EagleParts,


EP#41-32 and EP#43-32


One of my favorite D-9s has always been Hans Dortenmann’s Fw 190 D-9, the third Dora 9 built by the Focke-Wulf factory, W. Nr. 210003. He kept this same aircraft throughout the war. Sadly he was forced to destroy it at the end.


The Hasegawa gun cowl, trough and radiator cowlings unfortunately are not 100% accurate. The cowling itself is too bulbous creating a cleavage effect down the middle of the cowl. The gun trough area where it meets the front edge of the gun cowl has a funnel-like shape which is not correct, it is more of a cylindrical shape. The radiator cowling does not have a full enough airfoil shape and as a result is too flat.


To see how our EagleParts would change the character of the Dora 9 and to make it more accurate is the reason I built this colorful D-9.


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