Cisco and Pancho ~ Jerry Crandall


Cisco and Pancho, 16″ X 20″ original painting by Jerry Crandall

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“Cisco and Pancho” are the names of these two beautiful and bedecked mules, seen posing in their harnesses in this classic scene lifted straight out of the American West. An original oil painting by artist Jerry Crandall, this 16″ x 20″ artwork shows the two animals at rest on the open plains, with the majestic Rocky Mountains seen looming in the backdrop and providing dark splashes of contrasting color. The mules seem to be resting, waiting for their driver to say “Ha!” to set them back about their work of leading explorers or settlers to the new opportunities that lie ahead in these promising lands.

A beautiful scene, this artwork will look excellent in your ranch or upon the walls of your office.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 3 in


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