A new book by Jerry Crandall –  Fighters of the Iron Cross, Men and Machines of the Jagdwaffe.

Over the past year Jerry and I have been working on his book Fighters of the Iron Cross featuring 14 different fighter pilots who flew Fw 190s and Bf 109s. Jerry began interviewing, recording first-hand accounts, gathering data, photos and Flugbücher in the 1960s. Working off and on this book through the years, we are now on the home stretch with a planned May 2021 release. As with some of our past books, there is a standard edition and a limited edition, signed by 13 various Luftwaffe pilots.

It is a 9”X12”, 360 page full color book, about the size of the Fw 190 Dora books. Color notes with 72 full color aircraft profiles, 481 period photos, many of which have not previously been published are included. Numerous charts and graphs relevant to the aircraft are also presented.

Standard edition $85 U.S.D.; signed, limited edition $225.00 U.S.D. Planned to be in our warehouse May 2021.

The deluxe, limited edition, has been signed by 13 WWII Luftwaffe fighter pilots on a special page that will be bound directly into the book. The edition is limited to only 350 signed copies. Signatories include:

Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Oskar Bösch, Gerhard Hanf, Rolf Hermichen, Gerhard Kroll, Elias Paul Kühlein, Wilhelm Moritz, Siegfried, Müller, Horst Petzschler, Karl Pütt, Herbert Schlüter, Gerhard Thyben, Willi Unger.

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