Fighters of the Iron Cross

Fighters of the Iron Cross,

Men and Machines of the Jagdwaffe

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Jerry Crandall

There is a total of 360 pages, over 480 photos and 72 full color aircraft profiles along with numerous charts, graphs and scrap illustrations.

Many years ago, we had the signature page signed by 13 Luftwaffe fighter pilots, so that is complete and ready for the book. We traveled over the U.S., Canada and throughout Germany in order to secure these rare signatures. All of these men have passed, so we are fortunate to have completed the signature page when we did. Each of these gentlemen signed all 350 pages which will be bound into the book as the first page after the end paper.

The deluxe, limited edition of 350 copies signatorie page has been signed by Oskar Bösch, Karl H. Pütt, Horst Petzschler, Gerhard Thyben, Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Gerhard Hanf, Elias Kühlein, Willhelm Moritz, Herbert Schlüter, Willi Unger, Siegfried Müller, Gerhard Kroll and Rolf Hermichen.

Here are some photos of some of the men signing the pages: Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Rolf Hermichen, Karl Pütt, Wilhelm Moritz.


Hans-Ekkehard Bob


Rolf Hermichen


Karl Pütt


Wilhelm Moritz


Presented in the book are 14 pilot’s biographies and WWII combat stories in their own words about their fighter experiences in the Luftwaffe, all based on personal interviews conducted by Jerry and Judy over the past 45 years. The photos presented, many of which have never before been published, are primarily from the pilots’ own collection along with a few other sources. Included are the following Fighter Pilots’ stories:

Hauptmann Karl Leonhard                   Major Diethelm von Eichel-Streiber  Feldwebel Horst Petzschler                    Oberleutnant Manfred Dieterle        Leutnant Herbert Schlüter                     Leutnant Karl Albert Helm                   

Major Rolf -Gunther Hermichen           Oberleutnant Gerhard Thyben    Leutnant Elias Paul Kühlein                   

Feldwebel Hans Langer            Feldwebel Oskar Bösch                            Leutnant Willi Unger                      

Major Wilhelm Moritz                             Major Georg-Peder Eder