Wings of the Black Cross #8


by Mark Proulx

Illustrated by Thomas Tullis

ISBN 978-0-9794035-5-2 (0-9794035-5-3)

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Mark Proulx continues to research, write and assemble our Luftwaffe photo series of booklets, Number 8 includes Me 262 “White 15” rare Luftwaffe Turbo.

Featured aircraft in many rare, unpublished photos, crash sites and various other scenes both during and post WWII. Includes 8 full color profiles by Thomas A. Tullis of some of the images in the book

Bf 109s, E, G, F

Fw 190 A-4,A-5, A-8 and F-8

Me 262 A, Ju 87 D, Bf 110 towing Me 321 transport, Ju 88, Arado 234, Blohm  Voss – BV 138 flying boat

Hs 129, Do 335, Ju 52

Rarely seen FuG 240 “Berlin” attached to nose of Ju 88 G-6

Each book measures 8.5″ X 11″ and contains 36 pages of Black and White photos, some in color.


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