Hollow Horn Bear ~ Jerry Crandall


Hollow Horn Bear Indian portrait original oil painting by Jerry Crandall 40″ X 30″

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Remarkable portrait of prominent Brulé Lakota chief Hollow Horn Bear, participant in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, original 40″ x 30″ OIL BY Jerry Crandall

His father was the well known Brulé Chief, Iron Shell. After the Indian Wars he traveled east and became a kind of celebrity to the American public. His image is on the 14 cent postage stamp and at one time, on the $5 bill. He was appointed head of the Rosebud Reservation police force. In 1913 Hollow Horn Bear was invited to take part in the inaguration of President Teddy Rosevelt. He died of pneunomia in 1914.

Giclée limited edition available

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Dimensions 48 × 36 × 5 in


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