Fw 190 A-6 “Black 3” JG 1


Original profile painting by Jerry Crandall

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An original aviation profile painting by Jerry Crandall, “FW 190 A-6 ‘Black 3’ JG 1” shows off the muscular lines and contours of this German aerial war machine. Dating to roughly 1944, this A-6 flew with JG 1 – the German Jagdgeschwader fighter unit. The beautifully executed aircraft is seen in exquisite detail in this original profile painting, and is available unframed, though we suggest each be framed with glass.

This piece measures approximately 20″ x 30″ overall, and is an excellent piece for any fan of classic World War II-era aviation or the historical lover of Germany’s attempts at achieving aerial superiority over the Allies.  

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 3 in


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