Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Dora Vol. Two ~ SOLD OUT


By Jerry Crandall, illustrated by Thomas A. Tullis
9″ X 12″, 400 all color pages
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By Jerry Crandall, illustrated by Thomas A. Tullis

  1. Foreword by Doug Champlin, previous owner of Fw 190 D-13 “Yellow 10”

  2. More photos of Fw 190 Doras from miscellaneous and unknown units, many previously unpublished.

  3. 54 profiles and 17 top/bottom views plus many scrap pieces of artwork by Thomas A. Tullis

  4. A large section telling the story of JV 44 and the Doras of the Galland Circus with corrections and updates including new previously unpublished photos

  5. Very rare photos, profile and story featuring Adolf Galland’s JV 44 Me 262

  6. New information, unpublished photos on the Fw 190 D-11

  7. Detailed story of the rare Fw 190 D-13 and “Yellow 10” with new unpublished photos plus full color restoration photos

  8. Newly discovered Dora 13 photo and profile

  9. Section on WGr 21 cm and R4M rockets including interview with a JGr. 10 pilot with stories and profiles

  10. Large section devoted to color and markings including 32 color photos of excellent recovered aircraft part samples with camouflage paint

  11. 19 pages of patterns and colors used by the factories that produced the Fw 190 Doras with the appropriate national markings

  12. Recognition bands, tactical and I.D. bands in full color

  13. Actual patent papers filed by Warnecke and Böhm to register their break-through one-coat paint formula of polymer resin paint for better adhesion to aluminum and magnesium

  14. Original existing paint formulas developed by Luftwaffe’s premier paint company Warnecke and Böhm of RLM colors

  15. Camouflage notes by Michael Ullmann

  16. Many technical features of main parts such as landing gear variation, propellers, including numerous color illustrations and scrap views plus many color parts manual images, reports and documents.

  17. Reports of units operating the D-9 in service describing technical problems

  18. A compilation featuring the study of recovered D-9s listing colors, units, pilots and technical details.

  19. Total of 377 photos including 76 color images of Doras!

  20. Complete listing of known Werknummern for Dora aircraft

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