EagleCals #99-48 Fw 190 A-8s Sturmjäger IV./JG 3 “Udet”


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EagleCals #99 Fw 190 A-8s in 48th scale Sturmjäger IV./JG 3 “Udet”

 “Black 9”  A-8/R7 11./JG 3
“Black 13” A-8/R7  Werner Gerth
“White 7” A-8/R2  Hans Weik
“<<” A-8/R2 Hptm. Willi Moritz 

As Sturmstaffel 1 evolved into IV./JG 3 (Sturm) and Major von Kornatzki formed II./JG 4 (Sturm), the Sturm mission expanded and was more clearly defined, the Rammjäger tactic was toned down by the new IV./JG 3 Gruppenkommandeur Wilhelm Moritz. It was a full-fledged bomber assault unit and ramming was discouraged. Mr. Moritz was interviewed in Canada several times by Jerry Crandall and much of the details were discussed regarding the Sturmjäger aircraft. These flashy, specialized Sturmbock (Male Sheep-Ram) machines with their Blue-Black cowlings were symbols of the proud unit.

Color note: Recovered cowl pieces from crashed IV./JG 3 aircraft have a Blue-Black cast very close to FS 26044. Black and White photos of these aircraft do appear to have a slightly different cast or lighter value than the Black of the Balkenkreuz or the IV. Gruppe welle (wave) over the White RV band. The cowling and spinners also appear to have a semi-gloss luster. As this color weathers and ages, it definitely turns to a Bluish-Black (FS 26044). In order to achieve an accurate color for these cowlings and spinner, it is recommended mixing 10% RLM 24 Dark Blue with 90% Black.

EagleParts recommended:  EP#21-48 and EP#49-48

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