EagleCals #189 P-51 Ds in Europe


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EagleCals #189 P-51 Ds 

“Sandy” P-51D-5-NA   LC-X   S/N 44-13692   20th FG  Pilot: Unknown, after October 194 Capt. Cartheledge Huey, Jr.

“Scat #5”   P-51D-10-NA   12-W   S/N 44-14426   479th FG   Pilot: Lt. Robin Olds

“Trigger III”   P-51D-10-NA   YF-T   S/N 44-14230   355th FG   Pilot: Capt. Walter Cresham Jr.

“Man O’ War”   P-51D-25-NA   WR-A   S/N 44-73144   355th FG  Pilot: Col. Claiborne Kinnard Jr.



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