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EagleCals #176-32 P-40s of the A.V.G. 1st and 2nd Pursuit Squadron


EagleCals #176 P-40s of the A.V.G 1st and 2nd Pursuit Squadron in 32nd scale

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EagleCals #176 P-40s of the A.V.G. 1st and 2nd Pursuit Sqn. in 32nd scale

#3                    Serial Number: P-8103                   Pilot: Dick Rossi                                1st Pursuit Sqn.

#21                  Serial Number: P-8182          Pilot: Greg “Pappy” Boyington                1st Pursuit Sqn.

Note non-standard camouflage pattern on mid-port fuselage forward of cockpit. Fuselage numbers have faded to a Grey color. Included are fresh White decals should an earlier version be required. Note non-standard simplified unit insignia.

#47                   Serial Number: P-8127         Pilot: Bob Layher/John Petach                 2nd Pursuit Sqn.

#48                  Serial Number: P-8134         Pilot: David Lee “Tex” Hill                       2nd Pursuit Sqn.

Note the provisional details of the “Panda Bear” applied to the left fuselage side is based on views of the starboard side and interviews with the pilot.


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