EagleCals #162 F4U-1 Corsairs Part 2


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EagleCals #162 F4U-1 Corsairs in 72nd scale

Available in 32nd, 48th and 32nd scales. Be sure to select desired scale when ordering

   White 29     BuNo 17684          VF-17              Jan 31 1944

 Pilot: Lt.(jg) Ira “Ike” Kepford. This is the second aircraft flown by the 16 victory ace, but the first to be numbered “29”. 


White 3      BuNo Unknown      VF-17         Feb 1944

Pilot: Lt.(jg)   James “Big Jim” Streig. He flew two tours with VF-17 and is credited with 5.5 confirmed victories. 


L.A. City Limits     BuNo Unknown     VF-17      Mar 1944

Pilot: Lt.(jg) Doris C. “Chico” Freeman. He would claim two victories with VF-17 and an additional seven with VF-84. 


NZ5248         BuNo 56455   No. 21 Squadron RNZAF      May 1945

Pilot unknown. This is one of at least three Corsairs marked with the “Enraged duck”, it saw service with a number of different RNZAF squadrons.


Color profile artwork by Thierry Dekker; research by Mark Proulx  

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × .5 in


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