EagleCals #150-72 F4U 1 Part 1


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EagleCals #150 in 72nd scale

Early Birdcage Corsairs were determined to be unsuitable for carrier operations in the Pacific. However, the Marines gladly pressed this high performance fighter into service as part of their island hopping campaign.


Viva!       BuNo 02310      White 13    VMF-124      May 1943


 Pilot: 2nd Lt. Ken Walsh. The first Corsair Ace and Medal of Honor recipient.


Daphne C    BuNo 03829       White 15    VMF-213    September 1943

 Pilot: Capt. James Cupp. Officially credited with 12 victories,


Bubbles    BuNo Unknown      White 18    VMF-124    Early 1943

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