EagleCals #10-48 Fw 190 Doras, Fs and As


Scroll down for description. Available in 72nd and 48th scales. Be sure to select desired scale when ordering.

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EagleCals #10 Fw 190 Doras, Fs and As in 48th scale

“<<” Fw 190 A-8 Major Kurt Bühligen

 “Black 3” F-8 Fw. Eugen Lörcher

“White 11” Fw 190 D-9
“White 1”  Fw 190 D-9


Model by Jerry Crandall “Black 3” F-8 flown by Fw Eugen Lörcher 5./JG SG 2 is based on photos taken May 1945 in Aufhausen, Germany. Fw. Lörcher belly landed this F-8 “Black 3” at Aufhausen to escape the Russians. On board was his fiancee riding in the rear fuselage. Every year on this anniversary he and his wife return to this site celebrating their escape with a toast of champagne. Fuselage and Undersurfaces, natural metal. Rudder and elevator left in Red Oxide primer; blown canopy is Dark Natural metal. This canopy is in a private German collection taken from the crash site immediately after the war.



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