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EagleParts #59-32 – Fw 190 D-9, D-11 and D-13


Fw 190 D-9, D-11 and D-13
“Wooden” wing flaps

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EagleParts #59-32 – Fw 190 D-9, D-11 and D-13 “Wooden” wing flaps

Included in this kit: Left and Right flaps, decals

Many Doras were equipped with these colorful wooden flaps as well as the only known example of the D-13, “Yellow 10”. These are scaled from the original flaps from Doug Champlin’s D-13. These flaps have the device with the degree numbers reflecting the angle of the opening of the flaps that is visible through the small hole on the upper wing which is for the pilot to read the degree of the flaps that are open. This kit comes with beautifully replicated mahogany veneer flap surface decals.

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