Jerry Crandall Bio

Historical Artist Jerry Crandall (1935 – 2022)


“The thing that makes his work so excitingly real is that he understands what he paints…the longer you gaze at and search Jerry’s works, the more they become short stories rather than paintings”………….quote from Rendezvous and Longrifles Magazine

Artist’s statement

“Born in La Junta Colorado, near historic Bent’s Fort, and with my father’s love of the old west, it was natural for me to fall in love with history. Instead of doing my homework, I would read firsthand accounts and diaries by Kit Carson and other leading period figures. Thus the foundation for my love the old west was established. By constantly studying and researching pre 1900 western personalities and events  I am constantly formulating paintings that not only tell stories, but capture the essence of leading historical personalities. A current commission includes numerous portraits of leading Native Americans who participated in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. I honestly enjoy bringing the historical old west to life through my artwork.”

– Jerry Crandall

Also featured in Western Art Collector, Montana Issue, Portfolio Magazine, Lifestyles of Montana, True West Magazine, Wild West, Art of the West Guidebook of Art, plus many more. 

Jerry Crandall’s special love of history, fascination for artifacts and an honest dedication to research, bring reality into each of his paintings. His creations sparkle with clear realism, are painstakingly rendered, possess underlying technical accuracy and strive for historical authenticity. 

His art celebrates the uncommon union between historical authenticity and fine art. Working as an artist for over 40 years, he enjoys painting in a more traditional realistic style. Since 1977 his work has been in limited edition print form and recently has added the Giclée canvas editions to his work.

Jerry was born in La Junta, Colorado, near Bent’s Fort on the Santa Fe Trail. Because of his expertise on the American West, he served as Historical Consultant for early segments of the television series “Centennial” and for the Charlton Heston Movie, “The Mountain Men”.  He appeared in the movie “Tombstone” as one of the Cowboys, and has been a guest on several radio and television shows across the country. In addition he has served as actor and consultant for various shows that have appeared on the A&E Network, Discovery and The History Channel. Feature articles about Jerry and his work have appeared in numerous publications including Southwest Art, Art Voices South, Wetern Art Collector, Art of the West, True West, Cowboys & Indians, Man at Arms, Prints, Air Classics and more.

Listed in Who’s Who in American Art, Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in America among others, he is also listed in Contemporary Western Artists. His pieces can be found in many private as well as public collections. Numerous organizations claim his membership including the American Mountain Men. He holds associate memberships in several additional groups as well.

Over the years, Jerry has amassed a large collection of artifacts, period photos, clothing, holsters, saddles and more, all of which are used as research material for his paintings. He is an avid collector, an intense historian and a talented artist — an electrifying union producing thrilling, rich expressions of history.

Over 50 of his paintings have been reproduced in limited edition collector prints in both the Western Art and Aviation Art venues, a number of which are now sold out commanding collector secondary market prices. Jerry Crandall and his wife Judy made their home in the mountains of Montana. Jerry passed away June 12, 2022 due to covid complications. R.I.P. Jerry Crandall.