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EagleCals #100 Preddy's P-51 Mustang

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EagleCals #100 Preddy's P-51 Mustang

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Scroll down for description. Available in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scales.

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EC#100 Preddy Decals

EagleCals #100-72 P-51 Preddy

EC#100 Preddy Decals

EagleCals #100-48 P-51 Preddy

EC#100 Preddy Decals

EagleCals #100-32 P-51 Preddy



EagleCals #100 Golden EagleCals

An exciting new approach for EagleCals! Complete with a 24 page booklet of all known photos of the George Preddy Mustangs, compiled and written by Mark Proulx with Sam Sox, Jr. the official 352nd Fighter Group historian. Included are several unpublished photos and some color shots captured from a DVD. Features:
* Twenty four full color pages
* Seven highly accurate color profiles from leading profile
   illustrator Tom Tullis
* Complete left and right side profiles supported by unpub-
   lished photos of his P-51B
* Detailed description of the evolution to the markings of
  Cripes A’Mighty 3rd with profiles
* Detailed description of the markings of his final P-51D,
  Cripes A’Mighty with profiles
* Color chips and painting information for the Bluenosed
   Bastards of Bodney
* Updated victory list
* A brief description of his career and a closer look at his final
   flight including a map
* Several never-before published photos of Preddy's
* Color images captured from rare, recently discovered film
* Accurate markings for Preddy’s  P-51s

Bonus Feature:
* Profiles and photos of John Bennett’s P-51B, the only shark
  mouth aircraft with the 352nd
* Decals for Bennett’s aircraft included