EagleParts #23-32 Bf 109 ETC Rack (F,G,K)


1/32nd scale Bf 109 ETC Rack (F,G,K)

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EagleParts #23-32 – Bf 109 ETC Rack (F,G,K)

Included in this kit:ETC rack, anti-sway brace legs and fuel connectors. 
This resin ETC rack set is designed to enhance any 1/32 scale Bf 109 F, G or K series aircraft, and in particular, the Hasegawa kit series. Actual ETC racks designed to fit Bf 109s had different manufacturers, and there were some variations in the shapes and subtle details. This set represents a “tear drop” shaped rack, with typical fittings, including mounting rack details, external release catches, and fuel fittings.    
                            EP#23-32 is designed to fit with EagleParts #21-32 drop tank

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