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Wolfgang Falck cold cast bronze

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Wolfgang Falck cold cast bronze

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Tremendous likeness of Wolfgang Falck by Rick Terry


Wolfgang Falck, the Father of the Night Fighters

A limited edition, cold cast bronze originally created by Rick Terry, commissioned by Jerry and Judy Crandall especially for Wolf Falck's 90th Birthday.

We are proud to be affiliated with renown sculptor Rick Terry who strives for historical authenticity and realism in each sculpture. By thoroughly researching every known aspect of the various personalities, Rick breathes life into his artwork.

This beautiful 10” life-like sculpture of the Father of the Night Fighters, Wolf Falck is historically accurate and possesses amazing detail. Created in honor of Falck’s 90th birthday on 19 August 2000 is this tribute to the Happy Falcon which fully captures the essence of Herr Falck. Available in a limited edition of only 300, each numbered cold cast bronze is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. A wooden base adds to the elegance of this fine artwork.                                      

“I firmly believe that we pilots - from both sides - were convinced that when the war was over we would treat each other again as cavaliers and gentlemen” 
 - Wolfgang Falck -

What is a Cold Cast bronze?

In overall appearance and detail there is virtually no difference between hot and cold cast bronze. A cold cast bronze is created with 80% bronze powder mixed with a polymer resin whereas the hot cast bronze is labor intensive requiring several molds, and molten metal poured in the lost wax process. A modern technique, cold castings generally sell for hundreds rather than thousands of dollars. Every piece of art is fragile and should be treated with the respect the deserve, properly displayed and kept away from curious hands.

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Additional Information

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