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EagleCals #29-48 Me 262A-1as

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EagleCals #29-48 Me 262A-1as

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Scroll down for description. Available in 72nd and 48th scales. Be sure to select desired scale when ordering.


EagleCals #29 Me 262s A-1as in 48th scale

 Natural Metal test pilot Hans Fay

“Yellow 3”  Me 262 A-1a 
“White 14”  Me 262 A-1a
“B3 + CL”  Me 262 A-1a

 Also see EagleFiles #5 Stormbird Colors by Brett Green. Also available, signed limited edition Crandall print; Me 262 co-autographed by four JG 7 pilots - General Steinhoff, Gottfried Fahrmann, Walter Schuck and Hermann Buchner in Wings of Valor series; and a signed bookplate originally produced for the JG 7 book

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