Scares the Enemy’s Pink Parasol Giclée


Scares the Enemy’s Pink Parasol 20″ X 16″ Glicée canvas edition from an original painting by Jerry Crandall

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Scares the Enemy’s Pink Parasol  – 20″ X 16″  Canvas Giclée edition of only 35 images

Shipped rolled in a tube, ready for frame, no glass required! Looks just like the original painting. 

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The Story: 

Based on period ledger drawings by Lakota warrior Scares the Enemy, this painting captures the fierce portrayal of a Plains Indian coming to council. In several of his ledger drawings he features his war pony as having his front and rear portion painted blue, incorporating a lightning bolt on the neck with lightning strike designs over the shoulder and down the legs. This inspiration must have been realized from a vision or possibly in cooperation with a medicine man who explained that this sacred paint on his horses would help protect him in battle and bring terror to the hearts of his enemy.

A very colorful and fancy buffalo hide facemask, decorated with feathers and buffalo horns, adorns the horse’s face. Facemasks were derived from early Plains Indians seeing the Spanish Explorer’s horses that were covered with armor which often included facial or head armor. The Plains Indians believed these masks gave them additional prowess in battle. Note the horse’s split ears which signifies that this is Scares the Enemy’s favorite war pony.

He is carrying an 1866 Winchester carbine along with his buffalo hide shield painted in his protective medicine depicting bear tracks. Traditionally, Plains Indian warriors going into battle tied up their horses’ tail, wrapped it in trade cloth and decorated it with feathers.

A story depicted in a period journal described a meeting between U.S. Government officials and hostile Plains Indians. Many of the Indians attended the meeting; however, one warrior was described in the journal as taunting the gathering in a threatening manner by encircling the group on horseback. He was painted for war, adorned with feathers and holding a ladies fancy pink parasol. Between this description and the original ledger drawings, the inspiration for this painting of Scares the Enemy’s Pink Parasol, was born.


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