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RB-P32018 WWI German seatbelts


RB-P32018 WWI German Seatbelts by Radu Brinzan

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Scale 1/32. WW1 German Seatbelts. 
One complete set of seatbelts for the German aircraft of World War 1. These straps recreate more realistically the “double-layer” strap layout missing from the existing photo-etched straps. The straps can be easily posed in the desired manner.These seatbelts are suitable for all of the new German Wingnut Wings kits as well as any other 1/32 German WW1 aircraft kits by Roden, Battle Axe, etc.

No painting needed, just remove the pre-cut belts from the backing paper, glue the detail parts, thread them though the buckles and fit them to your model. 
The straps can be set to whatever length you need, just like the real thing. 
The set includes one sheet of photo etched parts with the buckles in stainless steel, one set of pre-cut paper straps and a detailed assembly guide.

The “paper” used on these seatbelts has a high rag content and no lignin (meaning that it is actually a “textile” material), it is acid free and died in the grain. Why is this better than “fabric”? Fabric was considered and tested, then it was abandoned for the following reasons:
– Fabric is hard to cut properly. The edges will often fray. The paper used on these seatbelts will always keep a well-defined edge. 
– The paper used on these seatbelts is extremely easy to “set” and stay on the model if you moisten it slightly. Fabric tends to be “springy” and will not settle like real seatbelts. 
– Real seatbelts have a very “tight” and “solid” look about them. Seatbelt strap weaves are usually quite fine and the threads tend to be around 1mm on the coarsest materials, but usually they are much finer. In scale 1/32 such coarse thread would be 0.03mm, which is basically one fifth of the thickness of a human hair. There is no way such weave or thread could ever be visible on accurately-scaled straps. The paper used on these seatbelts provides the correct “tight” and “solid” look of the real thing. 
– “Fabrics” tends to have a “plain weave” respectively a perpendicular “over and under” pattern. No seatbelt material is ever woven like that – most of them tend to be a “twill pattern”. Furthermore, no matter how tightly the fabric is woven, on the fabric material used for “fabric” seatbelts there are fine gaps between the threads and as a result the seatbelt will be slightly translucent. The paper used on these seatbelts provides the correct thickness and opacity of the real thing.



1/32 Mustang radiators and canopy rails

This is a complete set of radiators to replace the parts provided in the Tamyia 1/32 P-51 Mustang.

These are direct replacements and no cutting or modifications are needed. The parts are etched in stainless steel. The radiators can be sprayed with matt varnish to provide a very realistic natural metal finish. Also, the radiator parts are see-through, just like the real thing.

Also included in the package are bonus parts for the canopy side rails. As these are made of stainless steel, they will replicate perfectly the look of the full-size items without any need for paint.

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