Major W. Nowotny’s Fw 190 A-6


Major Walter Nowotny’s Fw 190 A-6 in the Missing Man Series, a limited edition signed by artist Crandall

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Image size 15 3/4″ x 19 1/2″ with margins; 19″ x 23″ overall
Limited edition of 750 s/n prints with 50 Artist’s Proofs.

The Painting: Nowotny was flying his Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-6 work number W. Nr, 470006 with JG 54 Greenhearts when he achieved his 25Oth victory, an IL-2, which occurred over Orel, Russia.

JG 54 was noted for its innovative and non-standard color schemes. Although the exact shades are not known it is assumed the upper colors were a medium green and a dark olive green. There was a small white number 8 in the Kommandeur Chevron while under the cockpit was a small white number 13. The lower part of the engine cowling, the under portion of the wing tips, the fuselage band and the lower area of the rudder were yellow. The outer wing guns have been removed and faired over. Although constructed primarily of wood, the Russian IL-2 was difficult to bring down due to the heavy armor plate. Some of the pilots nicknamed it “cement bomber”. One of the methods used to shoot it down was to approach it from underneath and destroy the oil cooler.

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