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RB-P32006 B Luftwaffe Seat belts-Early beige


Early Beige Luftwaffe Seat belts in 32nd scale by Radu Brinzan

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Luftwaffe Seat belts RB-P32006 
This is a photo etched / multimedia sheet with seatbelts suitable for any Luftwaffe aircraft in World War 2 and later. The belt material is made from pre-cut paper and the buckles and clasps are etched in a white metal. No painting or cutting needed. Just thread the straps through the buckles and glue them in place. 
Early Luftwaffe seat belts in beige.
 “Orlon” (green) seatbelts for the Fw 190 Dora as described by JG 26 Dora 9 pilot Werner Molge in Jerry Crandall’s Fw 190 Dora book Vol. 1 page 92

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