Hans-Ulrich Rudel Ju 87 Stuka AP


Hans-Ulrich Rudel Ju 87 Stuka in the Missing Man Series, Artist’s Proof signed by artist Crandall

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 HANS-ULRICH RUDEL JUNKERS Ju 87 B-2 Stuka – Artist’s Proof

 The AP denotes Artist’s Proof, from the private collection of the artist. These are the first 50 – 100 prints off the press once the artist has approved the color. As a result, these are highly collectible editions and cost a bit more than the limited edition signed and numbered editions.

Image size 17″ X 24″ with margins; 27 1/2″ X 20 3/4″ overall
Limited edition of 750 s/n prints with 50 Artist’s Proofs.

This print in the Missing Man series is autographed by the artist Jerry Crandall


The Painting: The classic Ju 87 B-2 Stuka, in all of its ugliness, was made famous by Rudel. It is incredible what he accomplished with an aircraft that was outdated and vulnerable in the Western Theatre. The markings depict late 1941 when Rudel flew with the Staff of III./SG 2. Artist Jerry Crandall personally interviewed Valerian Dill, one of Rudel’s instructors for details about the aircraft and its pilots, who also furnished valuable original photos.


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