Fw 190 D-13/R11 Yellow 10- AP


The Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-13/R11 Yellow 10 limited edition Artist’s Proof by Jerry Crandall. Co-autographed by Gerhard Kroll and Dr. Heinz Lange.

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Fw 190 D-13/R11 “Yellow 10” – Artist’s Proof

The AP denotes Artist’s Proof, from the private collection of the artist. These are the first 50 – 100 prints off the press once the artist has approved the color. As a result, these are highly collectible editions and cost a bit more than the limited edition signed and numbered editions.

Image size 18″ X 28″ with margins; 21 1/2″ X 31″ overall
Limited edition of 950 signed and numbered prints with 50 Artist’s Proofs.

In addition to the artist’s signature, each print is co-autographed by Dr. Heinz Lange and Gerhard Kroll.

The Painting: This machine was the 17th D-13 manufactured and delivered to JG 26. It is almost certain that it was the personal aircraft of Major Franz Gotz, Kommodore of JG 26. Because of his former affiliation with JG 53 as II Gruppenkommandeur, he put the Pik As, ace of spades emblem on this aircraft.

“Yellow 10” was captured by the Canadians at Flensburg at war’s end. Oberst Heinz Lange, the Kommodore of JG 51 who flew D-9s was asked by the RCAF in June 1945, with Gunther Josten also of JG 51, to fly this advanced fighter against the hawker Tempest in mock combat. Fw. Gerhard Kroll flew D-9s with III./JG 54 as top cover for Kommando Nowotny’s Me 262s. After Nowotny’s death, Kroll was assigned to home defense. III./JG 54 became IV./JG 26 on February 1945, the unity flying D-9s and D-13s.

For additional detailed information on “Yellow 10” the Fw 190 D-13 visit our web page on the book EagleFiles #2 and The Fw 190 Dora Vol. 2 by Jerry Crandall

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