Ernst Scheufele Bf 109 G-14 AS – AP


Ernst Scheufele Bf 109 G-14 AS profile in the Aircraft of the Fighter Aces series Artist’s Proof prints

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ERNST SCHEUFELE’S Bf 109 G-14 AS – Artist’s Proof

The AP denotes Artist’s Proof, from the private collection of the artist. These are the first 50 – 100 prints off the press once the artist has approved the color. As a result, these are highly collectible editions and cost a bit more than the limited edition signed and numbered editions. 

Image size 15″ x 27″ overall
Limited edition of 950 s/n prints with 50 Artist’s Proofs.        

In addition to the artist’s signature, each print is co-autographed by the pilot Ernst Scheufele.


The Painting: Aircraft in the 780,000 number range began to have the distinctive small bulges on the lower cowling to accommodate the additional tubing required for the Daimler Benz 605 D engine. Although not fitted on these G-l4 AS machines, the 605 D was used in the G-10 and K series aircraft.


The black/white/black Reich defense bands were assigned to JG 4 for identification purposes. The shamrock unit badge was carried over when II./JG 5 was re-organized into IV./JG 4 and was used on some aircraft.


This machine was flown by Oberleutnant Ernst Scheufele, Staffelkapitän of 14./JG 4 on 3 December 1944. He was brought down by American ground fire and taken prisoner near Aachen Germany. This was his back-up aircraft as his ‘black 13’ G-14 as was out of service this day. Scheufele originally flew with the Navy in JG 5 based in Norway. Flying both Bf 109’s and Fw 190’s, he achieved 18 victories including 3 bombers and 2 P-51 Mustangs.


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