Dora 9 Green Hearts


Dora 9, originally appeared on the cover of the Green Hearts book. Limited edition print co-autographed by the artist and Luftwaffe pilot Gerhard Kroll.

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 Fw 190 Dora 9 750 Edition s/n with 50 Artist Proofs. 18.5″ X 25″ image with margins, archival paper.

Fw 190 D-9 “Black 1” W. Nr. 210003, Pilot Oblt. Hans Dortenmann of 14./JG 26 (IV. Gruppe), March 1945 near Varrelbusch, Germany.

This aircraft was the third D-9 delivered having been originally tested and adjusted at Rechlin, then issued to Dortenmann. It survived the war; however, Dortenmann sadly blew up his trusty crate at war’s end. In addition, it is featured on the cover of GREEN HEARTS FIRST IN COMBAT WITH THE DORA 9, a Luftwaffe unit history by Axel Urbanke. Each print is co-autographed by Gerhard Kroll, who as Feldwebel flew D-9s with III./JG 54 as top cover for Kommando Nowotny’s Me 262s. After Nowotny’s death, Kroll was assigned to home defense flying with JG 26.

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