EagleParts #24-32 Bf 109 F,G, series corrected oil cooler


1/32nd scale Bf 109 F, G series corrected oil cooler for the F, G, including the G-14

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EagleParts #24-32 Bf 109 Late Oil Radiator Cowl for the F, G, including the G-14
Included in this kit: Oil radiator housing, 2 sets of screens, actuator & exit flap door.

This set is designed to more accurately depict the oil cooler housing included in Hasegawa’s 1/32  Bf 109 G series of kits. It has a deeper cross section, wider and tapered sides, and other subtle but important contour and detail changes. Also included are two different styles of intake screens, and a separate exit flap door with linkage that allows the door to be posed in any position. A special thanks to Robert Rinder and Brett Green for their help with research and suggestions to create an authentic replication of this part.

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