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Wings of the Black Cross #9

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Wings of the Black Cross #9

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By Mark Proulx

Illustrated by Thomas Tullis

ISBN 978-0-9794035-8-3 (0-9794035-8-8)

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Here is the ninth issue in the continuing series of booklets featuring extraordinary photos depicting a wide variety of Luftwaffe aircraft in various settings, conditions and states of repair/disrepair.

Mark Proulx continues to research, write and assemble our Luftwaffe photo series of booklets.

Color Bf 110 on the cover;

Included Bf 109 G-10, F, K Jabo G-6 Trop, plus F-4 cockpit

Fw 190 F-8, Ta 152, Fw 190 airframes

Ju 88 G, Me 262 A-2a and B-1a/U1

Ar 234, He 162 A, Me 163, Ju 87 D, Ju 88, He 219, Fw 200 Condors, He 111, Ju 188

Ju 88 A-4/ Trop

Bf 110, side view of Me 210 A-1, Do 335, Do 217, Ju 52, Fieseler Fi 103, Ju 388

Engines of Me 262 and Heinkel 162

Junkers fuselage, Siebel 204

Each book measures 8.5" X 11" and contains 36 pages of Black and White photos, some in color. Eight color profiles by Thomas A. Tullis of some of the featured images in the book.

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