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25 - The Cow-Boys 1881 original oil by Jerry Crandall

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25 - The Cow-Boys 1881 original oil by Jerry Crandall

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The Cow-Boys 1881 original oil by Jerry Crandall 40" X 30"


Original oil 40" X 30" painting THE COW-BOYS 1881.

Sadly, Hollywood has perpetuated an old west cowboy look that is fictional. With Crandall's artwork, specifically in this painting, he effectively dispels that mythical look of the Hollywood west by capturing the demeanor of the real Cow-Boy in 1881.

As with all of Crandall's artwork, the details provide authenticity. The standing figure on the left has a decidedly Southwestern look as many of these cow-boys migrated to the Tombstone area during its heyday. He is wearing a G.F. Spangenberg holster manufactured in Tombstone A.T. The standing figure on the right is wearing an N. Porter holster from Taylorsville TX ca. 1880, while the seated cowboy is holding a model 1873 Winchester .44-.40 rifle manufactured in 1879 which is in the artist's collection.

Part of the horseman's equipment was a long braided rawhide quirt which each of the two standing figures hold. Boots are from originals in the artist's collection; note the cuban heels and squared toes typical of the period. Shirts, vests, chaps and hats are all documented from either the actual article or from original photos in the artist's collection.

The scene is set in a photography studio with a painted canvas backdrop and period oriental rug much like that which C.S. Fly, famous Tombstone photographer, might have used."

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Jerry Crandall Studios